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leon.jpg In March of 1973, God called Leon De Haan into full-time ministry. Since then, Leon has spent 14 years as a youth pastor. His first youth pastor position was in a small town in Western Kentucky . In 1983, Leon accepted the youth pastor's position at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville , Michigan . While living in West Michigan , he met and married his wife, Audrey. They have been blessed with two children, Andrew and Amy. In August of 1991, they moved to Latvia to prepare for an international ministry. During their stay in Latvia , Leon was the academic director of a Bible school and ministered around what was then called the Soviet Union . It was there that he wrote the first of several manuals on youth ministry.

In April of 1992, they returned to the United States to continue their ministry. Since that time, Leon has ministered on five continents and has written three more manuals on youth ministry. His manuals have been translated into several languages and have been distributed by the thousands in countries around the world. They are the training manuals for several denominations. They have even been smuggled into Cuba for printing and distribution. Leon has directed the School of Youth Ministry at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas , Texas . He has also been a guest teacher at many Bible schools around the world. His cross-cultural understanding coupled with his understanding of youth ministry has made him an effective teacher and mentor for youth leaders internationally.

Leon De Haan and his family live in western Michigan and continue to reach out to youth, youth leaders and parents around the world.


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